Mig Arogan Net Worth

When you listen to Mig’s latest release “Addicted to Money”, all you could ever think of “is Benjamin Franklin” — which is easy to blow off when you’ve got a truck full of them.

Mig during an interview said, “he started off his career in the streets and his goal is to at all times give out his best to fans, whether music, or business. He also specified that “All hard work will definitely pay off at the right time” That hard work has certainly paid off, making Mig one of the prosperous Young rap artists in the industry.

At just 22-years-old, Mickenly Thoby, known as MiG Arogan, became one of the highest paid Haitian American rapper’s in the world. Over the course of 2017, the prolific rapper has amassed a net worth estimated at $300 thousand in cold cash.

Mig isn’t just making an enormous amount off his music. He has lucrative deals with companies all over America, his own clothing line, record label, and various other investments add to his estimated net worth.

Over Years, MiG has mastered the art of releasing music on his stream channels. His mixtapes was the among the most streamed tracks last year, Views exceeded thousands of streams in 2017 and he reigns as the most-streamed performer of his age according to Records.

Mig Lives a Deluxe Lifestyle

The songwriter/rapper has an expensive dynasty in Manhattan New York, with celebrity neighbors. His house has a colossal outdoor setting, a sonorous wine cellar, and a sports court, An Insider reports.

Mig has numerous luxury cars, including a Rolls Royce that he even featured in his music video Addicted to Money. The Haitian heartthrob has an impressive taste for jewelry collections, featuring brands like Rolex, Gucci and also diamond rings.

Mig can be describe as “a lofty symbol from the Haitian rap world”; He has so much money, sometimes he just gives it away to charity by the thousands. Formerly this year, Mig has giving out nearly $20 Thousand to college students and the homeless in his community, to aid survival.

His is also a motivational speaker and anywhere you see Mig, you see the arrogant of success!