Mr. Miikka Saloseutu, a senior blockchain expert, officially joined the Goldbox advisory team to help the development of the ecological community of Goldbox\’s global community

GoldBox is a comprehensive application that provides users with secure storage, digital asset collateral, access to legal currency loans, and digital asset management. It provides another way for users to exchange digital currency and real-life legal currency based on blockchain technology. Designed to solve the inconvenience of users storing multiple types of digital currency, complicated transaction process, poor value transmission, insufficient blockchain performance, and insufficient application scenarios, combined with existing blockchain and artificial intelligence technology to provide a powerful Automated operating system to create a world-class digital asset management platform with user-centric ecology.

Goldbox’s vision is to create the world’s safest and most efficient digital asset management platform, serving global digital asset holders, enabling their assets to be securely stored and value-added to their assets in a changing market environment. To help users maximize the value of their assets.

Since the launch of the Goldbox project, it has gradually become international, with many users in the United States, Japan, France, Vietnam, Southeast Asia and other countries. US Eastern Time – June 29, 2018, the multi-currency integrated storage wallet + digital asset mortgage currency loan + wealth management value GoldBox (golden box) lights up the Nasdaq big screen, officially unveiled the world, showing gold to the world The vision of the box – the sharing economy in the blockchain era! In the international market, it has been recognized by a large number of blockchain enthusiasts and digital asset investors and has also been favored by more international professionals. EtherFlyer CEO Tomi.Xue? EATT founder Mr. Song Hua? co-founder Mr. Ren Maowei and blockchain expert Miikka Saloseutu all spoke highly of GoldBox, praising GoldBox as a great innovation and solving the problem of many digital assets holder.

Mr. Miikka Saloseutu is the founder of and Also an experienced marketing expert with extensive experience working in the Internet industry, involving search engine optimization (SEO), venture capital investment, angel investment, e-commerce optimization, ICO, cryptocurrency and many challenging projects and each Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. He has his own internet marketing company, Triplex Trading OU, which specializes in highly targeted SEO affiliate marketing in the financial sector and has grown exponentially over the past few years.

Mr. Miikka Saloseutu officially joined the community building of Goldbox’s globalization strategy and became a member of the GoldBox advisory team. This will allow more digital asset holders to discover and further understand GoldBox, get timely information about GoldBox, accelerate the flow of the digital economy, promote the development of Goldbox global ecological community and the prosperity of digital economy, and benefit more digital asset holders. To create more value for the world!

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