Top 5 VPN apps


Today that the web has turned into an attractive digital platform for fraud and intrusion in privacy, the need for mobile programs and applications providing safety and reliable Internet connection has grown as numerous times as it was just several years ago. At IDAP, we treat cybersecurity and personal info privacy as our top priority, as there nothing else more threatening for a project than a virtual attack.

Users put their privacy protection along with scam prevention above all and some of them, in particular large companies that tend to spend a good hunch of financial as well as intellectual resources on building a strong virtual security shell. Labeled as one the most effective means of providing information security on the web, a VPN (virtual private network) is by far the most popular medium for staying safe in the digital world.

The thing is that not all the VPN apps mobile market offers you can make your web journey completely secure, confidential and free from virtual attacks. Some of them only seem to be trustworthy and safe but actually are special forms of one more common and sophisticated scam. We compiled top 5 best VPN apps list for you to stay safe and confident while doing your business or just killing time on the Internet.

VPN Unlimited


This application provides you with an unlimited Internet connection speed and total privacy as it uses an innovative encryption technology. Whether it’s personal passwords, credit card numbers of your phone number, VPN Unlimited will protect your data from hacking and privacy disruption.

The app enables you to stay anonymous wherever you are and whatever website you’re visiting which means that the websites can’t track you and send you their ads afterward. Moreover, the KeepSolid technology doesn’t slow down the Internet so you don’t have to try to hold it back while waiting till a song is loading or a movie is buffering. 

VPN Unlimited for iOS

VPN Unlimited for Android

Business VPN


Do you need to carry out plenty of business tasks like testing your international  products and verifying ad campaigns anonymously? Business VPN is designed to make your business operations on the Internet go smoothly without being tracked or hacked.

With the Business VPN by KeepSolid, you get exclusive Personal Servers created for your business and then utilize them for browsing. This app also allows you to use shared VPN servers from anywhere in the world which means giving your partners as well as employees a much broader opportunity to access your confidential files and exchange important info. 

If you are looking for top security degree for your data (and we bet you are), Business VPN allows you to choose military-grade encryption which enables you to have flawless data protection and an incredible privacy user experience. Furthermore, you are given a 24-hour Support Service as well as Live Chat and Phone calls. 

Business VPN for iOS 

Business VPN for Android 



One of the highlights of NordVPN is that it uses easy interface combined with high speed and automatic connection. The speed is high enough to allow you to stream HD videos and skype with someone simultaneously.

NordVPN comprises over 2,800 servers in 50 countries which gives you an unlimited range of choice as well as an opportunity to conduct a little more profound survey on which server fits you most spotlessly. This application is one the most popular VPN apps among users for it has no logging policy which makes it much more attractive to users. NordVPN works on Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows.

NordVPN for iOS

NordVPN for Android



First of all, this app allows you to choose among 100 locations in the world. It provides  24-hour support as well as that of 256-encryption. As the app mentioned above, this one doesn’t log traffic data, too and therefore is on the list of  top apps users download most often.

You can also add a widget to your home screen for quick access and up to three connections at once. ExpressVPN uses the technology of split tunneling which allows you have some amount of  traffic go through VPN and some access the Net directly. 

ExpressVPN for iOS

ExpressVPN for Android