Virtual Reality Market Projections and Forecasts 2018 – 2022

The VR Market’s future is still bright, despite reports of dips in adoption and sales earlier this year. With new product development bridging the gaps, forecasts for future sales and adoption are looking better than ever. 


The VR Market Forecast 2018

The VR market has had some mixed reviews in 2018 thus far, but the statistics are painting a positive picture overall. When looking at the AR and VR market, there’s been a sizeable growth spurt on the product development front, with the rise of standalone VR headsets opening doors and making VR more accessible to the masses. You can visit the tech hardware comparison search engine site Aniwaa, to compare some of the latest VR HMDs on the market. We’ve received a special graphic report from them, which succinctly outlines some key projections, including some key insights covering AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality).  

In 2018, it’s reported that an estimated 8.9 million VR headsets will be sold, with VR hardware bringing in the majority of sales. 

Projections for 2019, include improvements in the sales of AR products and with a forecast of 2.9 million sales, it’s expected to steadily become a profitable force in the market.

By 2020, it’s anticipated that AR and VR adoption will have improved with 1 in 3 people, expected to have had a VR experience.

Projections for 2021, suggests an escalation of sales in VR products, with hardware being sold to the value of $215 billion.

Lastly forecasts for 2022, will see AR’s emergence in the market becoming more pronounced, with the units of products gaining on the number of VR products sold.

VR seemingly will remain at the forefront of all the immersive technologies, over the next 5 years give or take, but AR will stay close at its heels and may very well become bigger in the years to come, as developers have predicted in the past. 

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