Meredith Shirk’s Svelte Training launches “The One & Done Workout”

Innovative short duration interval training system, “The One & Done Workout,” launched by famous health and fitness expert, Meredith Shirk

“The One and Done Workout” is an innovative high-intensity workout program that was recently proven scientifically several years after it was discovered. The high-intensity, short duration interval training system has been identified to have immense benefits to the wellbeing and was recently launched by Meredith Shirk, a well-respected name in the health and fitness industry and the founder of Svelte Training, a Florida-based health and fitness solutions provider.

The health and fitness industry has witnessed a significant growth over the years with millions of people across the globe realizing the need to stay fit and healthy in order to live a happy, fulfilled life. The increasing demand of fitness enthusiasts and the need to meet the demand has led to the development of different innovative workout programs. “The One & Done Workout” is one of such recently scientifically proven works and Meredith Shirk has become one of the first health & fitness celebrities to endorse it.

Meredith’s endorsement of The One and Done Workout is coming after a careful assessment of the features and benefits of the system, which has made her confident that the program is effective.

The routine requires a chair, a wall and a few minutes to get the amazing benefits of doing a weight training session or a long run. According to experts, the body must be in pain while doing the routine to reap the benefits, comprising of 12 exercises that utilize the body’s own weight to achieve the same results as weight training in just 7 minutes.

The 12 exercises include push-ups, jumping jacks, side plank, push-up and rotation, squat, wall sit, abdominal crunch, lunge, step-up on to a chair, plank, and triceps dip on the chair. The exercises need to be performed in rapid succession with each lasting for 30 seconds.

The effectiveness of the routine has been underlined with studies establishing the importance of intense interval training. According to Chris Jordan, the director of exercise physiology at the Human Performance Institute, there is evidence to show that intense interval training works as good as prolonged endurance training.

A well known reviewer from L&L Reviews explained on their article, “Meredith Shirk offered tips on how to fit the exercise into one’s daily routine regardless of how busy the schedule is, ensuring that everyone stays fit and healthy. In the tips, she mentioned taking advantage of TV commercial breaks, doing the nano workout, and setting a reminder. Other tips mentioned include consistency and taking walks as opposed to driving”.

For more information about One & Done, here’s another review and an introduction to the workout.

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